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Assessment Task 1: Draft of background and problem definition of research proposal
Goal: This task allows you to get feedback on the critical first stage of your research proposal development to ensure Task 2, the full proposal, is soundly based. Product:
Draft of Background and Problem Definition of Research Proposal. Format: Select a business research problem or opportunity for investigation.
This may come from your employment situation, a friend or relative's business, or your own business.
The business problem or opportunity must require a substantial amount of research that includes the collection of both primary and secondary data to assist management in making a decision.
Your proposal should be for an applied business problem (so for a specific company or organisation) and not for general basic research into a general topic.
Prepare a draft of the Background and Problem Definition stage of the Research Proposal to be completed on the template provided in the Assessment area of Blackboard. This assessment is designed to give feedback that should then be incorporated into Task 2.
Please refer to the detailed guidelines for Assessment Task 2 to assist you with this task.
• Develop skills in problem definition
• Communication
BUS703 Managing Research Student:
Assessment Task 1: Draft of background and problem definition of research proposal
Assessment Criteria
Criteria Feedback (Checklist) Mark
Communication skills
• Spelling
• Grammar/expression
• Adherence to word count /10
Develop Skills in Problem Definition
• Identification of background issues • Does the background start with more general issues and become more focussed?
• Are theoretical frameworks evident
• Have terms used been as specific and clear as possible?
• After reading the background, could a reader with no knowledge of the research identify the decision management is faced with? /25
• Definition of Management Problem • Is the management problem stated in question form, and does it focus on a decision?
• Is it stated in management terms?
• Does it require research (and not just say financial analysis)?
• Definition of Research Question • Is the research problem stated as one question, and does it focus on information to allow management to make a decision?
• Are theoretical frameworks evident?
• If you had the answer(s) to the research problem, you would be able to answer the management problem. /20
• Definition of Research Objectives • Are the research objectives stated in objective format?
• Are all terms clearly defined? (no jargon, linked to theory)
• If the information identified in the research objectives is obtained, will all required information identified in the research problem be obtained?
(reduced to mark out of 10) /100

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