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The assessment consists of Individual essay and Individual Research Report, Group Project: Real World Case Analysis & written report, and Group case/ reading analysis and presentation. Please see details below:
Assessment #1a: A short essay (10%)
Assessment task A short essay
Weighting ' 10%
Word length 1000 plus minus 10% words
Topic and Task description Topic:
Is there a trade-off between environmental-social sustainability and economic develop?
Why/Why not?
This is an individual assignment. The objective of this assignment is to develop your understanding of trade-off between environmental-social sustainability Versus economic development.
Due date Due on 25 August
Marking Criteria and Distribution • Coverage of the issues relating to the topic (20%); extent of evidence (use of appropriate references) (15%); clarity of argument and analysis (50%); and; recommendations (15%).
Submission • Via email to the lecturer on or before the due date.