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Assessment Task 1
New and emerging issues presentation
Due date: Week 5-12
Length and/or format 30-minute group presentation
Weighting: 30%
These group presentations are designed to develop your oral communication, presentation, and advocacy skills, as well as to deepen your understanding of team behaviour.
Working in a group, prepare an interactive presentation for the class on the -new or emerging thinking- on a contemporary HRM topic. This topic needs to be approved by your lecturer.
Using a minimum of 15 high-quality journal articles, design an interactive presentation to the class that conveys the new and emerging research and thinking on the topic, including the implications for practice. The presentation will be a maximum of 30 minutes followed by questions and class discussion time.
The presentations should be pitched at a business audience, and be interactive and engage the audience rather than simply talking for 30 minutes. Feel free to be creative and use whichever presentation aids you feel are helpful to convey relevant information and facilitate class learning and interaction
Please submit a printed copy of the slides to the lecturer on the day of the presentation, and include your reference list at the end of the presentation slides.
Learning Outcomes Assessed:
1. Describe, examine and analyse a number of human resource management issues in contemporary workplaces (GA 4)
4. Recognise the influence of contexts such as national, cultural, stage of economic development and demographics on the development of human resource
issues (GA 1)
6. Identify and evaluate a number of HRM issues which could emerge in the next ten years in a number of industries (GA 6, GA 8)
• Explain career development and management
• Explain career development and management models-workforce related
• Explain traditional and non-traditional career development and management
• How and why does non-traditional come from traditional- Example preferred
• Some questions need to be raised as we need audience interactions.
• HRM related 15 high rated journals need to be mentioned and their outcomes as well.

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