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Assessment item A2
IMC Communication
Length: 2000 words +/- 10%
Submission method options
Alternative submission method
Evaluation and application of the communication model
Evaluate an IMC campaign for an Australian organisation you either work for or one for which you would like to work.
The report should be a critique and application of the communication model (see Chapter 5 of Belch et al, (2014) for the theoretical model).
Based on what you have learned and observed in this subject to-date and additional scholarly research ensure you include the following:
• Briefly provide a context for your discussion regarding the importance of understanding communication in IMC and identify the organisation you have chosen.
• Illustrate and discuss the theoretical communication model outlined by Belch et al, (2014).
• Using the communication model, critically evaluate your chosen organisation's approach to IMC. As stated earlier, you can choose your organisation, but it must be well known.
• Applying what you have learned regarding IMC and the communication model, provide your recommendations for an appropriate communication strategy for the organisation including recommendations for suitable communication mix. Make sure your recommendations cater to the contemporary needs of customers/consumers.

Learning outcomes addressed in this assessment include;
• being able to evaluate theoretical concepts underlying integrated marketing communications;
• being able to examine and evaluate various elements of a contemporary communication mix;
• being able to critically evaluate marketing communications for a range of organisations and reflect on current organisational marketing by using communications tools

A holistic, concise and informed report on the outlined questions using a broad range of academic references and sources
Be as creative as you like! However, ensure you answer all of the assessment criteria, include references and present in a report-style format
Ensure your A2 report format is as follows (marks will be deducted unless the following is included):
• Title Page Subject details, assessment number and topic, your name and ID number.
• Report Title Page - Title of the report, chosen brand, your name, date.
• Executive Summary – A one-page summary of your report written in past tense Table of Contents – with page numbers
• Introduction - a brief overview of the report to set the scene
• Task - outlined using headings – this should answer the Task requirements
• Conclusion/Summary
• Recommendations
• Reference list
• Appendices (if any)

Note: The word limit does not include your executive summary, tables, appendices or reference list.
APA Referencing
• requires you to reference in American Psychological Association (APA 6th Edition) referencing style and this applies to all of your assessments for this subject.

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