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Assignment 1 has two pathways to choose from. If you choose the first path you will answer questions about either tobacco use or unhealthy diets. If you choose the second path, you will answer questions about physical activity.

Pathway One

Part A

12 marks

Choose one of the following shared and common modifiable risk factors for chronic conditions:

Tobacco use

Unhealthy diets

Outline the relationship between exposure to this risk factor and any two of the following conditions: cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases, diabetes and cancers.

Part B

8 marks

Describe an evidence-based public health intervention program aimed to reduce the risk factor you have chosen for your two chronic diseases (e.g. shown below). Include mention of indicators showing how well the intervention performs, or, suggest some if they are not available.
Part C (Based on Remington textbook Chapter 4)

10 marks

Note: Remington (2006) Chapter 4 is also availability
1. Analyse the intervention you have chosen for Part B in terms of the multiple determinants (levels) it addresses to reduce the risk factor. i.e., What determinants are addressed and how are they influenced?
4 marks
2. Read about the Social-Ecological Perspective (page 115), that describes the five approaches for influencing health behaviour (intrapersonal, interpersonal, organizational, etc). Choose one technique (e.g., social support, media advocacy, etc). Now describe how you would apply that technique to design an extended intervention for the program you gave in Part B.
6 marks

Maximum word limit: 2000 words (excluding references). Make sure your reference list uses a style that is consistent with a recognised referencing system (e.g., Vancouver, Harvard, American Psychology Association, etc.)

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