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User Engagement platform
Company Background
Beyond teaching is the leading crowdsourcing platform in the space of education. With over 500k subscribers and over 200 corporates associations and very high college associations. The corporates give various jobs to the beyond teaching and as a crowd sourcing platform the teachers and members bids for the completion of these jobs.
Beyond teaching reaches to a large number of teachers and associates with them for various project work. It is like a freelancing site only for teachers focused on only one genre.
Project requirements
Projects are off and on activity on the Beyond teaching platform, at times there are large number of projects with the platform and there are times when there are no big projects for the teachers. Since Beyond teaching is a crowdsourcing website and projects come at the need of the large corporates or govt. organizations. The engagement of the teachers drops on the platform when there are no big or interesting projects on the website. The teachers eventually churn or drop from the platform and rarely come back. The company is looking for solutions to reduce drop out, keeping customers active on the platform.
The company is looking for possible engagement models/methods using which they can keep the teachers engaged. The company intends to build an engagement platform on the website where company can also communicate to teachers and teachers benefit from such engagement. The company is looking to leverage IT solution which might help with the case.
The company needs IT team to help devise a solution which could help them keep engaged by sending them various projects to learn, tasks, videos, questionnaire, mailers, surveys etc. The solution also needs the teachers to interact with the company and each other. The company is looking for possible solutions to address this immediate need.
The project team needs to do the following:
• The team should investigate to optimize the business processes and investigate strategies to keep users engaged.
• Do a gap analysis of what’s missing on the strategy and what could be included and can be developed as part of the system.
• Conduct a feasibility study on engagement model with the beyond teaching platform.
• Conceptualize, design and propose a system which can be developed.
• Do a business analysis and develop functional specifications for the software & product development team.
1 Topic 5- Research and Referencing Topic 7- Project Planning
Topic 6- Project Progress Report
Discussion on requirements, expectations and format of the project progress report. NO TEMPLATE IS PROVIDED. YOU SHOULD COME UP WITH THE STRUCTURE SUITABLE FOR YOUR PROJECT. Please refer to the course description and marking guides for the essential components.
Client's introduction and their business
Clear definition of their requirernents with priorities
Stakeholder analysis
Project scope
Clear definition of project goals
Research: Review of state-of-the-art rnethodologies, tools and standards applicable for the project
Selection of appropriate methodologies, tools and standards for the project
Project Progress Report structure and referencing

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