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University of the Sunshine Coast
BUS710: Marketing in an International Environment
Researching for an International Market
Assignment No. 1 – 30%
Semester 2, 2017
School of Business
Due: Friday Week 5
Mode: Individual
Word count: 2000 words (+/- 10%)
Submission: Safe Assign
Task 1 BUS710 Marketing in an International Environment: Researching for an international market.
You will prepare a report for a real organisation, that is specifically focused on one of their brands or products (may be a service), that analyses, based on research, the macro and micro environment in a totally new international marketplace for the business. The report will provide a foundation for your marketing plan and later assessments. Your lecturer can assist you with your choice of organisation.
This is a professional report and should be treated as a document that would be presented to management. The report therefore requires that an appropriate structure should be applied and headings utilised. Word count is 2000 words +/- 10%.
The use of theory
• It is important that international marketing/ international business journals be utilised in addition to the text for a high grade in this report.
• Application of international marketing concepts and frameworks with appropriate referencing (Harvard) is required.
• In utilising theory it is important to display appreciation of differing internal and external environments for the organisation/product under analysis.
Suggested structure: (suggested word counts are guidelines only).
1. Executive Summary (not included in the word count).
2. Introduction (c. 50-100 words)
a. Purpose & scope
3. Company background (c.200 – 400 words)
a. Briefly outline the history of the company & the background to their success in their domestic market. What might be their objectives of expanding to the new market?
b. Outline the company s organisational resources/capabilities/expertise/experience (i.e. Financial, Human, Technological etc.).
c. Organisational strengths and weaknesses.
4. Market selection (c.1000- 1500 words)
a. Research and analysis of target country market macro environment (PESTLE for country/state as appropriate).
b. Detailed micro research and analysis of the target market including consumers (or business customers if B2B) /market segments.
c. Competitor analysis
5. Conclusions (c.200 – 300 words)
6. Recommendations (c.100 – 200 words)
7. List of references (not included in word count).
Some high quality journals you might include in your research:
• Journal of International Marketing
• Journal of International Business Studies
• International Marketing Review
• International Business Review
• Journal of Small Business Management
Starting points:
• Using Google Scholar and saving your library settings to the ‘USC Library’ will allow you to gain access to the journal articles required for this assessment.
• NON-acceptable sources include: Wikipedia and the like. DO NOT utilise these sources. Use of these sources will result in academic penalties such as loss of marks.
• Contact the Library team to get support in terms of accessing USC research resources available to you.
• Use “Summers and Smith Communication Skills Handbook” for referencing and report writing/structure.

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