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Assessment Information
Subject Code: BUS101
Subject Name: Business Communication
Assessment Title: Weekly topic task
Weighting: 20%
Due Date: 15:55pm AEST, Monday Week 5
Assessment Description
This assessment consists of one task.
Effective Communication
Length: 1000 words +/-
Briefly describe (maximum 100 words) a situation in which you have felt misunderstood or people failed to act on your communication as directed. What, in your opinion, went wrong? (Hint 1: Use One of the communication models discussed in class and identify the issues. Hint 2: Identify the main potential barriers to communication, such as physical, psycho-social, temporal). Describe any strategies you or the other/s involved in the communication incident used to try to overcome the barriers.
You should reference a minimum of 3 a c a d e m i c texts in the assignment. Ensure that you correctly reference the sources in terms of the Kaplan referencing Guide.
Feedback: Comments and a mark will be returned to you within two weeks of submission.
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