Recent Question/Assignment

Term 2 2017
Assessment 1 (Poster and Poster Presentation)
Assessment Criteria
• Demonstrate understanding of Design Thinking by providing correct information on the poster
• Demonstrate a breadth and quality of research by using a minimum of 5 academic sources
• Correct use of the APA referencing system
• Highlighted difference between material from the literature and own opinion on the poster
• Demonstrate synthesis and summarising skills by displaying a clear and concise message on the poster
• Ability to effectively use structure, aesthetics and layout on the poster
• Presentation within the time limit
• Ability to present the poster in a cohesive and engaging manner
• Presentation content is not a verbatim repeat of the poster
See Moodle for more detailed assessment rubric. Late submission and academic misconduct penalties apply as per the university regulations.
As Masters students you are required to engage in research as per the Australia Quality Framework (AQF) guidelines. Two specific requirements need to be considered. Students need to demonstrate “a body of knowledge that includes the understanding of recent developments in a discipline and/or area of professional practice, and demonstrate -knowledge of research principles and methods applicable to a field of work and/or learning”.
Each unit in your course has a number of required weekly readings in terms of academic texts, journals and business publications that represent the appropriate body of knowledge and recent developments referred to by the AQF. In order to demonstrate the ability to engage in appropriate research, students should read and utilise these texts and journals and publications, and as Masters students, indicate a willingness to research beyond this minimum standard through additional texts, journals and studies that demonstrate an ability to engage in independent research.
Students should insure that they understand the specific research that is required for each assessment piece and recognise that if they meet this minimum requirement, you will receive the minimum grade for demonstrated research.
Your attention is drawn to the University’s stated position on plagiarism. THE WORK OF OTHERS, WHICH IS INCLUDED IN THE ASSIGNMENT MUST BE ATTRIBUTED TO ITS SOURCE (a full list of references must be submitted as part of the assessment).