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Essay Questions
Please answer two of the following essay questions:
1. You may negotiate a topic with the course co-ordinator up to three weeks before the official last submission date for the essay. The topic must conform to the course aims and goals but apart from that, you will have the flexibility to use your own career and personal interests as a basis for the subject matter. Make sure the essay title is written at the beginning of the essay..0 will be graded according to the same criteria as for all other essay choices.
2. How might culture influence the way trust is communicated and interpreted in intercultural workplaces, based on a critical reading of the literature? What can be done to enhance intercultural trust Horganisations?
3. Why are spirituality and religion relevant to culturally diverse and/or international organisations and their management?
4. Critically examine inter-cultural communication literature, focusing on key ways that that these ideas are relevant to international organisations and practices. S. How does culture influence emotional display? Provide a critical analysis of the implications for organisational contexts based on quality sources from peer reviewed literature.
6. Drawing on the literature, how do people from different cultures approach conflict and/or negotiation, and its management? Suggest any implications for the international and/or culturally diverse workplace.
7. Examine the literature on how culture influences ethical perspectives and practices and critically discuss any practical implications for managers, organisations and employees, more broadly.
8. How can university business graduates develop cultural intelligence in preparation for positions in international and culturally diverse organisations. Support your ideas with references to quality literature.
Assessment Guidelines
Ensure that you do the following things before you submit your assignment. Doing so will attract marks in the assessment of your assignment.
Use UniSA Harvard referencing conventions in your reference list and in-text references.
Save your assessment file in your name, starting with your surname or family 08008 10 capitals followed by your first name. This is all the information needed. For example, save the name as follows: CROSSMANJoanna.
I have downloaded, read and understood UniSA materials online about UniSA Harvard referencing and academic integrity*. I understand, that this means that I cannot at a later date, suggest that I was ignorant of referencing and academic integrity expectations associated with this assignment. I understand that it is the duty of the marker to refer any concerns to the Academic Integrity Officer for further investigation.
'These materials have been linked to the online course page for your convenience.
It is expected that sections will be roughly, equally balanced in terms of focus and word count. The entire assessment (excluding the references) should be within a range of 10 percent (greater or less than) the word count specified. Eg; 2700-3300 words in total.
Please note that a due date at the end of the course has been provided for the assignment, but you are encouraged to submit at any time you have completed the task up until that date. If you submit at least two weeks before the submission date, the coordinator may give you an indication, if you have not met the required pass standard and suggest that you re-submit. However, no student will receive feedback otherwise, or a grade, until all papers have been assessed and moderated.
Please read the criteria and feedback form for guidance on how your work will be assessed.
You are entitled to make an appointment to meet with the Course Coordinator or to discuss your assignment with her via email, online or telephone.
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The two essays should be clearly separated with the title at the top of each one. Write the first essay with its own reference list before embarking on the second essay. The second essay will also have its own reference list.
You do not need headings. Begin each essay with a brief introduction in one paragraph stating your purpose, main points and any conclusions. Your main body outlining and supporting your key arguments responding to the question, followed by the conclusion that briefly summarises key points
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that briefly summarises key points and any concluding remarks.
I would also urge you to ensure that all statements are supported with a reference. One reference at the end of a paragraph containing a number of statements is insufficient. The reference list should contain peer reviewed journal papers and books by reputable publishers. Please do not include google sources or blogs. Check your assignment for grammatical errors with fresh eyes and that you have responded to the questions posed and provided relevant information to that end.