Recent Question/Assignment

Term 2: 2016
ePortfolio tasks:
1: 'Everyone has mental health but not everyone has mental illness'
Using the quote above, in 500 words compare and contrast the terms mental health and mental illness.
You must use a minimum of 4 current references in your response.
2: Using the Assessment prompts document you must now complete the Presenting Problem section on Jonathon from the information presented in the first two videos.
Over the next two weeks you will be introduced to one of the Mental health Nurse’s most formidable tools, that is the comprehensive assessment, the first step in determining the best ways to assist a person improve their quality of their life.
3: Exploring Diagnostic Criteria
Choose one of the following and present a 500 word description of the diagnostic criteria, including elements such as: prevalence, Culture-Related Diagnostic Issues, Gender-Related Diagnostic Issues and Differential Diagnosis:
• Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
• Anorexia Nervosa
• Bi-polar Disorder
A minimum of 3 current references plus the DSM-5 must be used
4: Jonathan was involved in a single vehicle motor vehicle accident, taken to hospital he was affected by alcohol ingestion.
While watching this next Jonathon video utilise the Risk Assessment Worksheet to record any relevant information that comes to light. This video you will again be a fly on the wall as Ed talks with Jonathon.
Once you have completed the risk assessment worksheet transfer this information to your assessment prompts document for submission as a part of your ePortfolio
5: Jane is very concerned as she overheard some nursing discussing ECT and is worried that it was Jonathon who was going to have to have ECT. The only things she knows about ECT has been gained from movies like 'One flew Over the Cuckoo Nest'.
In 500 words outline the information you would give Jayne in relation to ECT.
Include side effects, long term response and any further information you feel necessary, remembering that you are preparing this information for Jayne.
You must reference your work, with a minimum of 3 up to date references.
6: Exploring your local mental health services.
This week’s ePortfolio task requires you to explore what services may be available to Jonathon in your local area. Don’t forget to include any services that may be accessed via the internet or telephone services. In your ePortfolio list a minimum of 10 services, including public and private sector services as well as Non-government organisations (NGOs).
Choose three services to expand on: one must be a government service and the other two include at least one private or NGO.
In your response of no more than 200 words per service outline the services provide, how their services are delivered and the source of funding for these service.
7: This final task of the ePortfolio is a capstone for the course that requires you to critically reflect on you learning journey.
Take a moment and reflect on the following questions, in light of your weekly reflections:
• -What do I know about mental health?-
• -Do I have any fears or concerns about mental health?-
• -How do I react towards people I see or people I know who live with a mental health problem?-
After reviewing how you responded to these questions, your task is to critically reflect on them in light of your new knowledge in this area.
In your response consider the following;
• Is there is a change in response?
• What do you think contributed to this? If there is no change why do you think this is so?
• What is your “take home message” from this course
Word Limit: 400 words.