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BSBSMB404A Undertake Small Business Planning
BSBSMB4014A Undertake Small Business Planning
Assessment Tool 3 Project
(Relates to element 1 3)
Produce a draft business plan.
Your plan should be developed to the point where an accountant need only check the figures with you, add a little more analysis (eg projected ratios) then have it prepared for presentation to third parties.
The business plan can take any form you wish and can relate to an intended or imaginary business, but must include:
1. an executive summary
2. a situation analysis
3. customer needs analysis — market research results and analysis
4. the vision and mission statement for the business (the driving force which makes the plan a living document)
5. your aims and objectives, both business and personal
6. marketing, operational and financial plans and strategies
7. indications of financial support or intended sources of finance
8. staffing requirements
9. sales and growth forecasts
10. specialist services that are likely to be required
11. stakeholder identification and engagement strategies
12. risk matrixes and risk management strategies
13. how you plan to measure success — the performance criteria that will be used for measurement
You will need to provide data/ tables, graphs and statistical analysis that show that the business will be viable and successful.
Answers will be dependent on participant choices of the business they will plan for. Whether the business is an intended or imaginary one, the plan must be detailed and
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