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Qualification: BSB40215 Certificate IV in Business (086915A)
Unit of Competency: BSBCUS401 Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies
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BSBCUS401 Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies
This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to advise, carry out and evaluate customer service strategies.
Elements Performance Criteria
1. Advise on customer service needs 1.1 Clarify and accurately assess customer needs using appropriate communication techniques
1.2 Diagnose problems matching service delivery to customers and develop options for improved service within organisational requirements
1.3 Provide relevant and constructive advice to promote the improvement of customer service delivery
1.4 Use business technology and/or online services to structure and present information on customer service needs
2. Support implementation of customer service strategies 2.1 Ensure customer service strategies and opportunities are promoted to designated individuals and groups
2.2 Identify and allocate available budget resources to fulfil customer service objectives
2.3 Promptly action procedures to resolve customer difficulties and complaints within organisational requirements
2.4 Ensure that decisions to implement strategies are taken in consultation with designated individuals and groups
3. Evaluate and report on customer service 3.1 Review client satisfaction with service delivery using verifiable data in accordance with organisational requirements
3.2 Identify and report changes necessary to maintain service standards to designated individuals and groups
3.3 Prepare conclusions and recommendations from verifiable evidence and provide constructive advice on future directions of client service strategies
3.4 Maintain systems, records and reporting procedures to compare changes in customer satisfaction
Performance Evidence
Evidence of the ability to:
• identify the needs and priorities of the organisation in delivering services to customers
• diagnose problems in delivery of customer service
• respond to and report on customer feedback and complaints
• review client satisfaction using verifiable data
• consult and communicate effectively with relevant people
• develop and implement strategies and methods to improve customer service delivery including:
o budgeting
o promotion to staff
o documentation and follow up.
Knowledge Evidence
To complete the unit requirements safely and effectively, the individual must:
• Outline the principles of customer service
• explain sources of information and techniques for identifying customer needs and reviewing customer satisfaction
• explain the organisational business structure, products and services related to customer service
• describe product and service standards and best practice models.
Foundation Skills
Reading • Reviews textual information and comprehends details that relate to the interests or requirements of the client and organisation
Writing • Creates a range of formal texts using structure, grammar and clear and specialised language to describe customer needs, maintain information and support a particular position
Oral Communication • Uses pace, intonation, intelligible pronunciation and listening and questioning techniques to interact effectively with others
Numeracy • Recognises and interprets numerical information and performs calculations on familiar mathematical information
Navigate the world of work • Recognises and applies organisational protocols and meets expectations associated with own work
Interact with others • Selects the appropriate form, channel and mode of communication for a specific purpose relevant to own role
• Uses a range of strategies to establish a sense of connection and build rapport with customers
• Collaborates with others contributing knowledge and skills to achieve joint outcomes
Get the work done • Applies formal and logical processes when planning and implementing tasks
• Applies standard procedures when responding to familiar problems within own work context
• Uses digital technologies to access, organise, present and store information relevant to own role

To be deemed competent for this unit of competency, you are required to satisfactorily complete two (2) assessments:
• Assessment 1: Written questions
• Assessment 2: Project
Assessment Instructions
Your assessment will be required to be typed in Arial font size 12 only. You will provide your completed assessment for all of questions in one document and MUST be uploaded into MOODLE (No other method of submission will be accepted).
You are required to professionally format your document including spell-check and indicating each Task answer [e.g. Task 1 (a.) then the answer, Task 1 (b.) then the answer etc.] according to this Assignment requirement. You may lose marks if you have not spell-checked your document (as this is a professional formatting requirement, a business skill).
This assessment can be completed in one of several ways. Assessment candidates may identify unit requirement within their own work environment or organisation, or with reference to a scenario provided by the trainer/assessor.
Be sure to properly reference your sources of information using the Harvard referencing system. For more information go to:-
• Student Handbook - latest version
• Ask your Trainer/Assessor to provide you with this information
In order to determine if you are addressing this assignment adequately in terms of competency/comprehension (prior to due date) a draft copy of your assessment should be discussed during class time in consultation with your Trainer/Assessor. For this feedback/ support from your Trainer/Assessor, you will need to bring to class your “draft copy” with any evidence of the research you have conducted to produce the assessment.
If, as a student you feel you have special needs that require your Trainer/Assessor to apply a reasonable adjustment – please discuss this with your Trainer/Assessor at the beginning of the subject studies.
Your Assignment must:
a. Be of a professional standard (spelling, grammar, punctuation)
b. Size 12, Arial Font
c. 1.5 Spacing
d. All pages must have a Header/Footer with the following details:
o Name
o Student ID
o The course & unit of competency
o Date
o Page numbering
e. Title page
f. Index page
g. Body of work
h. Referencing
How to upload your answered assessment into MOODLE
To upload your assignment into Moodle, follow these steps.
1. Log-in to Moodle and access the subject that you will be submitting the assignment in.
2. Locate the assessment you will be uploading into by scrolling down to the week that the assessment is due in and then click on the assessment submission link.
3. Click on the name of the assignment.
4. Click the Browse button.
5. Select the file and click Open.
6. Click the Upload this file button.
7. If you have more than one file, repeat the process (steps 4-6) to attach additional files up to the assignment's limit.
8. Once happy with your submission click the Send for marking button. The files are locked and the student can no longer delete, or upload more, files.
Note: The date and time of the submission is recorded when the files are sent for marking, not when they are first uploaded.

Question 1: Explain the basic principles of customer service. (50–100 words).
Question 2: In what ways might you collect feedback from customers and why is this feedback necessary? (100–120 words)
Question 3: How would the process of obtaining feedback from internal customers differ from the process of obtaining feedback from external customers and why is feedback from internal customers necessary? (50–100 words)
Question 4: Explain how you think technology contributes to improved customer service. Give at least four specific workplace examples.
Question 5: How does an organisational structure contribute to the marketability and the market success of products/ services? Explain your answer. (50–100 words)
Question 6: Is it possible for an organisation to provide excellent customer service without every employee having a job they feel makes a real contribution? Explain your answer. (50–100 words)
Question 7: Explain what is meant by product/ service standards and best practice models. (200–250 words)

Select any business you are familiar with or have access to. Develop customer service strategies for the organisation by undertaking the following tasks:
Part 1: Advise on customer service needs
Task 1: Use research tool such as survey instruments, questionnaires, observation, focus groups, interviews, etc to conduct market research to identify the customer needs within a specific market segment.
Task 2: Review sales/ supply figures and customer feedback to identify problems matching service delivery to customer needs/ expectation and, in consultation with relevant personnel, develop a list of strategies to improve service delivery.
Task 3: Write a report to present information on customer service needs and provide advice to management and team members on how to improve the delivery of service to customers.
Part 2: Support implementation of customer service strategies
Task 4: Develop communication strategies to promote customer services to individuals and teams.
Task 5: Prepare budget (financial and other resources) for the implementation of customer service strategies.
Task 6: Develop complaint management system.
Part 3: Evaluate and report on customer service
Task 7: Design and document a customer service survey – a set of at least six questions – that might be administered to your customers (either internal or external customers). Use a PC to set out and format the questionnaire and submit the entire document to your assessor.
Task 8: Conduct the survey to determine customer needs, wants and expectations to determine whether the product/service you offer meets those specifications.
Task 9: Once you have administered the survey, collect the results and collate them. Report on the results using tables and graphs where appropriate. Summarise the results:
a. Were there any surprises and what were they?
b. How will you communicate this information and to whom?
c. Why is it important for these people to know the results of the survey?
d. What is its importance to you, your division and your organisation?
e. How can this information be used to increase your market share?

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Unit of Competency: BSBCUS401 Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies
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Did student satisfactorily answer the following questions? (tick if yes; cross if no)
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Assessment 2:
Did student satisfactorily complete the following assessment tasks? (tick if yes; cross if no)
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.
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