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This assessment advances the student’s customer experience research skills. User personas for this assessment are required to be data-driven and quantitatively validated. Students are also required to conceptualize customers interacting with a product across several as touch points such as in-store, website, mobile, social media, and email. This assessment is designed to develop your generative research skills to build qualitative, data driven personas for your chosen company or product. These personas are representatives of the users of your product for whom you are designing an experience for. You will also be assessed on the process you undertake for the identification, analysis and customer research for your product.
You will select one of the following of your own professional or personal interest: product, service, institution or event. This can either be an existing or even a proposed product (i.e. a business idea, a proposed event or even your college). You are expected to conduct as much field and desktop research as possible into the inner workings of your chosen organization, its industry and its target customers.
Your aim is to apply research tools and concepts towards identifying the challenges and opportunities for achieving a customer experience that is in line with the organizations strategic objectives. Students are required to complete generative research (in the form of face-to-face consultations or contextual enquiry sessions) and preference research (large sample survey) to produce data-driven and validated user personas. Students will also use their collected data to complete customer personas and journey maps.
Use the CEM research tools to answer the questions - What is the current state of the service experience of the product or organization? How does it rate or compare with competitor offerings?
The report should:
• Offer a brief introduction to the industry within which the organization competes and a brief background into the company and its service offering
. • Identify and differentiate 3 customer person as to illustrate and communicate their unique customer perspectives.
• Provide evidence of generative research data using at least 2 of the following:
-At least 5 customer interviews,
-10 completed customer surveys,
-observational data from field research
-existing customer data
These should be placed in the appendix of the report.
• Map the current experience and journey maps for each of the 3 customer profiles showing the customer’s experience before, during and after the service/product experience.
• Competitor analysis that compares at least 2 competitors based on any 3 key customer experience issues as highlighted from the generative research results
• Summarize the results of your research by addressing the current state of the service experience of the product or organization and how the current customer experience rates or compares with competitor offerings?

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