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Here I mention all the details of the assignment and an example of the assignment as well.
Assessment Type: Orientation Activities & Individual Reflection Report – individual assessment based upon the completion of the SinglePlayer simulation MikesBikes Intro as provided by Smartsims.
 Purpose: This assessment is designed to ensure students understand the operation of the simulation programme so as to maximise their progress through the subject and the simulation, and take ownership of their decisions and the impact of those decisions. This assessment is to be completed by the individual student with the purpose of preparing you for the MultiPlayer Group Simulation. The purpose of the SinglePlayer activity is as a learning tool. There is no limit to the number of times you can play SinglePlayer. It is recommended that you play as many times as possible and that you make different decisions, including risk based judgments to assist you with your choices for MultiPlayer Group Simulation. Your actual results in the business simulation SinglePlayer is not assessed or recorded as this is not what is required. SinglePlayer Simulation is a preparation tool for your MultiPlayer Group Simulation This assessment relates to Learning Outcome e.
 Value: 10%
Submission: Orientation Activities - complete the personal profile and group profiles in the Mike’s Bikes program, and complete the relevant orientation exercises. Individual Reflection Report – upload soft copy .doc or .docx to Moodle and Turnitin
 Topic: Introduction to the simulation programme, forming of groups and reflection of individual performance to use as a baseline for the Final Reflection Report. 
Task Details: Completion of Single-Player induction activities. Individual Reflection Report – Students need to write a reflection report discussing and analysing the SinglePlayer Simulation process undertaken during the simulation project. Students should refer to their performance, and explain how they operated SinglePlayer, and in their own specific performance. Students should conclude with at least three actions points that can improve their future group work performance, now that you have the benefit of experience and hindsight. You will need to refer to the reflections in this report as part of your Final Reflection Assessment.
 Presentation: Word doc formatted using at least logical paragraphing. Name, Student Number and tutorial class to be placed in the header or footer.
Marking Guide:
 Participation in activities 30% 
Depth of thought evident in reflection report 30% 
Identification of supported action points 30% 
Presentation 10%
 Total mark will be scaled to a mark out of 10 
The MikesBikes Multi-Player competition has now begun for your course. You can log into your Multi-Player company to make your team's first set of decisions.
1. Go to and login with your personal login details (attached at the bottom of this email.)
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2. Click on the MikesBikes-Intro menu on the left-hand side of the page, and then click the blue -Launch- button to open your Multi-Player.
3. Once the Multi-Player has launched, you can begin evaluating the Multi-Player marketplace and making decisions for your first year of operation. We encourage you to work on your decisions as a team, but only have one team member enter the final decisions to ensure accuracy.
There is no rollover button in the Multi-Player. Simply enter your decisions within the decision screens and click 'OK/Apply'. Once they are saved on-screen they will be saved on our server ready for the rollover date. Your team will need to have their final set of decisions e