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Individual Assignment due Week 2
Based on the definition of project and the criteria for project success (Chapter 1 and Week 1 lecture notes), search the Internet, Google Scholar, and/or UOW academic databases, including Factiva to find at least one real-world, large-scale IT project that would most interest you. The project you select can be a either successful or failed project.
• (1) Briefly describe this project.
• (2) Identify its project goal(s).
• (3) Was the project successful? Why? (or If it is still on-going, what do you predict the project outcome will be? Why?)
• Total 5 marks: (1) 1 mark; (2) 1 marks; (3) 3 mark.
• Due 11:55 pm on Tuesday, August 1 via Moodie drop box.
• Total 350-500 words
!SIT 446/ISIT946
Individual Assignment
A descriptive title of your selected real-world, large-scale IT project
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Plagiarism: Please note that we do not tolerate plagiarism. A case of plagiarism will be reported to SCIT and a zero mark will be recorded for your assignment.

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