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Write a report to address the following questions: INDUSTRY SECTOR IS RECEPTION
Why is it critical to follow safety procedures and instructions when conducting work?
Why do you need to carry out pre start systems and equipment checks?
Where would you find out what the workplace procedures are for responding to emergency incidents in the workplace?
Who are some examples of designated persons for reporting queries and concerns about safety in the workplace?
What are the procedures for identifying existing and potential hazards in the workplace, reporting them to designated persons and recording them?
Why do you need to identify and implement WHS procedures and work instructions?
Describe the procedure for identifying and reporting emergency incidents and injuries to designated persons in the workplace.
Who are WHS duty holders in the workplace and what are their duties?
Why do employees need to contribute to workplace meetings, inspections or other WHS consultative activities?
How would you raise a WHS issue with designated persons in the workplace?
What actions can be taken to eliminate workplace hazards and to reduce risks?
1500 words

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