Recent Question/Assignment

The capability portfolio will comprise of two essays and is intended as a means for students to demonstrate their understanding of theoretical perspectives offered by the disciplines of business and organisation studies. Through an analysis of an organisational business model case (see below - Australian Manufacturing and Distribution Company), students are expected to address a range of key theoretical perspectives on processes and practices that relate to organisational structures, people management, marketing and finance.
Students will draw on the Essential and Recommended Readings as set out in this Learning Guide as well as their own research.
This assessment is designed to foster learning in relation to the first four unit learning outcomes. Through undertaking this task it is expected that you will be able to:
1. Describe contemporary organisational structures.
2. Explain contemporary people management practices.
3. Outline marketing practices.
4. Explain financial practices.

The assessment requires you to make use of the information provided in the business model case below - Australian Manufacturing and Distribution Company.
Based on the detail provided about the company, analyse this business model and create your interpretation of its current organisational design. Use relevant management and organisational theory to support your analysis.
Each of the essays requires you to demonstrate how your organisational design allows this business model to manage its resources and to promote and support its products and services.

Essay 1 – will start with a concise summary outline of your analysis, including a diagram, of this organisation’s design and how it currently operates. You will then demonstrate how theory explains the dimensions of structure and people management of your organisational design. Essay 1 will have an interim conclusion discussing how structure and people management interrelate.
Business Model – Australian Manufacturing and Distribution Company
Australian Manufacturing and Distribution Company
Ambrosia is a highly successful multi-million-dollar national health company manufacturing and distributing a high-quality range of vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements and body care products. It is a publicly listed company on the Australian Stock Exchange.
The company owns its head office and manufacturing facilities and leases all other premises.
The company has a strong commitment to social and environmental responsibility. It sources its raw material from the highest quality organic and ethically fair-traded sources where at all possible.
The company does not sell directly to the public, all sales are through a widespread diverse distribution network that includes pharmacies, supermarkets, and health care practices in all States of Australia. The product pricing is not aimed at being the cheapest it is aimed at a fair price for a high value reliable product.
It employs more than 1000 staff, well over half of which are women in all levels of the organisation. The company also offers all staff a range of benefits including higher than average salaries, job share and flextime to accommodate work-life balance. Employee remuneration also includes a profit share scheme and professional development study assistance.
The company has a strong research and development group which has strategic partnerships with selected universities and other research bodies. It also works closely with the Government’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and TGA-licensed laboratories to ensure their products adhere to their world-leading rigorous safety and quality standards.
It has an education group for training health care professionals spanning natural healthcare practitioners, pharmacy staff and medical practitioners. This is a significant role and covers not just their products and services but also findings from their research group and its partnerships.
It offers healthcare advice and product advice online and over the phone to both health care professionals and consumers.
The company does not advertise directly through print, TV/Radio or social media, although product information is available on the company website.
There is growing pressure to supply international markets however this is not agreed to yet as this will involve expanding production and increasing sales and support staff.
Essay 1
Understanding contemporary organisational structures and contemporary people management practices.
Due Date - 28 July 2017 @2pm