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Assessment for BSBWOR301
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UNIT: Organise personal work priorities and development
Academic Pass Not Yet Competent/Please Resubmit
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This booklet contains assessment questions and activities which allow you to provide evidence toward gaining this qualification. Before you complete this assessment you should review the information in your e-book learner guide.
• Read more than just the learner guide – you can use books, journal articles, websites (not Wikipedia)
• Write in your own words – think about what you have read and then use your words to explain what you have learned.
• Explain where your information comes from (referencing) – this adds strength to you work and allows your trainer to see where you have found your information.
• Never copy and paste – this is not your own work and is a serious form of cheating called plagiarism.
• If you are unsure what the question means, ask your trainer.
You must complete all activities in the assessment to the required standard. This will contribute to a final assessment of competence, which includes this theory assessment and further performance evidence, for example a work placement or simulated tasks in the classroom. The assessor will explain clearly the required performance standards.
When you have finished ALL the assessment tasks, complete the form on the front of the booklet and then submit it by email to
Your trainer will give you feedback and you may be given an Academic Pass, or Not Yet Competent. If you are Not Yet Competent you will have an opportunity to resubmit the assessment to be reassessed.
Academic Pass Participants whose answers predominantly display competent knowledge and skills related to the assessment of the unit. All assessments components of the unit are required to have been assessed as satisfactory to achieve an overall academic competency of the unit.
Not Yet Competent / Please Resubmit Participants whose answers display a lack of understanding, skills and knowledge related to specific assessments of the unit will be considered Not Yet Competent for that assessment/ assignment of the unit. Participants will be required to resubmit that assessment again to achieve a satisfactory result.
Referencing shows what you have read. It acknowledges the contribution of the authors to you work, through their ideas, words or research. Referencing shows respect to the original author of the work. You must include the web address of any website from which you have sourced information.
Plagiarism is a serious academic misconduct. It is taking someone else’s thoughts, writing or inventions and representing them as your own. Plagiarism may result in failure or exclusion from a course. Plagiarism is:
• presenting work by another person as your own work, whether intentionally or unintentionally;
• handing in assessments which are markedly similar to or copied from another student; and/or
• submitting assessments without adequate acknowledgement of the sources used i.e. without referencing.
Answer all questions in your own words
Please type in your answers in the spaces provided
1. Why is it important to understand, negotiate and agree on your work goals, objectives or KPIs?
(minimum 50 words)
Assessors comment:
2. Provide two (2) examples of possible work goals, objective or KPI that is relevant to your organisation and explain how it meets your industry requirements.
Assessors comment:
3. List four (4) time management strategies that you can implement to improve the way you plan and use time.
Strategy 1:
Strategy 2:
Strategy 3:
Strategy 4:
Assessors comment:

4. Provide one example how the following is relevant to your industry sector.
Mandatory reporting:
Privacy Laws:
Assessors comment:

5. Generate a list of at seven (7) work/study tasks that you are required to complete in the next day/week (choose a timescale that is appropriate for your role).
Use Eisenhower’s Importance/Urgency Principle to prioritise your tasks and reflect timescales.
Assessors comment:

6. Identify three items of business technology which you are familiar with. For each, describe how you use it to manage and monitor the scheduling of your work tasks.
Technology How it can be used to monitor and schedule your work tasks

Assessors comment:

7. Why is it important to monitor and adjust your personal work performance?
(minimum 30 words)
Assessors comment:

8. Imagine that when monitoring your work performance you find that you are behind with a key task which is due in two weeks’ time. You haven’t made any progress towards completing this task yet. What steps can you take to ensure that the task is completed on time?
Assessors comment:

9. Why is it important to seek feedback on your own performance from others?
(minimum 30 words)
Assessors comment:
10. What steps can an individual take to obtain feedback from clients and colleagues?
(minimum 30 words)
Assessors comment:
11. Why is it important to identify and report on variations in the quality of products and services provided?
(minimum 50 words)
Assessors comment:
12. Give one (1) example of a work procedure or task and describe how and when you can identify and report on variations in quality of the products/services being delivered.
(minimum 50 words)
Assessors comment:
13. How might you identify the following signs of stress in an individual at work?
Signs of Stress How to identify the Signs
Absence from work
Poor work performance
Assessors comment:

14. What are the possible effects on a person’s wellbeing if they are suffering from stress at work?
(minimum 30 words)
Assessors comment:
15. Why is it important to record the professional development opportunities that you undertake?
(minimum 30 words)
Assessors comment:

16. Why is it useful to incorporate feedback into a review of further learning needs?
(minimum 30 words)
Assessors comment:
17. From whom can you seek feedback about your learning and development?
(minimum 30 words)
Assessors comment:

18. List two (2) methods which can be used to analyse and interpret feedback from others in relation to your job performance and development needs?

Assessors comment:
19. Describe how you can identify and prioritise your personal learning needs.
(minimum 50 words)
Assessors comment:

20. Explain how to:
Set goals
Measure/assess your own work performance
Manage your time

Assessors comment:

21.Case Study 1
Read the following case study and answer the questions.
Janice your team leader is experiencing stress due to an increased workload since a co-worker left the organisation recently. She been working long hours, not sleeping well and she has become difficult to work with as she can be abrupt and snappy at times.
What support and resolution strategies might help Janice?

Assessors comment:
22.Case Study 2
Read the following case study and answer the questions.
You have been working in the preschool room in a centre for over a month. However, whilst you enjoy many aspects of the role as an educator, you are finding it challenging and stressful trying to manage and guide the behaviour of some of the children..
a. What are some short term strategies to help build your confidence and improve your skills in this area?

b. Research where you could seek professional development training in behaviour management. List the name of the organisation and the training /course details.
Assessors comment:

23.Case Study 3
Read the following case study and answer the questions.
Miriam was very excited about her new role as a Childcare Support Worker however she arrived late for her first day at work due to a train strike and she now feels quite stressed having arrived 20 minutes late. Miriam is given a brief induction by the director Liz. Miriam is told to join the other work group members and follow the daily work plan instructions. Liz then leaves them to it.
Miriam is slow at getting the play equipment ready because she keeps getting interrupted by parents introducing themselves and she is not sure where to find the outdoor storage shed key for the equipment. She tries to make up the time by hiding from the parents in the toilet in the hope that they will soon leave. Her next task is to help set up a 1 –hour craft activity for the children but she has forgotten where the craft activity is kept. When she eventually finds the cupboard, she notices that important pieces of the craft activities have run out. She then goes searching for the missing items in the outdoor storage shed. The delays in getting to work and organising these activities have put the work schedule behind by 45 minutes and her colleagues are not happy with her.
a. Detail how she could have organised her first day to effectively manage time and minimise problems.
b. Prepare a daily work plan for Miriam outlining how the tasks will be carried out
c. Why is it important that Miriam complies with legislative requirements when carrying out her tasks?
Assessors comment:

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