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Assignment 1 – Internal Company Newsletter (40%)
• write a company newsletter directed at your current employees
• all of the topics in the newsletter should relate to the generation of innovative ideas within the company
• the newsletter will need to outline:
o what the goals of the program are,
o what constitutes an innovation,
o how ideas should be submitted
o examples of how other ideas have impacted the organisation (or external examples)
o any incentives for the program
The format for the newsletter is completely open. It can be electronic, hard copy… be as creative as you want. After all the goal is innovation and marketing creativity! The format should be relevant to your message and your audience.
This is a top-down communication. In other words you are writing this from management to your employees. You are soliciting their ideas to make some aspect of the company’s marketing efforts more innovative.
Look at the resources and listen to the presentation about this assessment for some more ideas and information about how to present the newsletter and possible content.
Assignment 1 is an INTERNAL company newsletter.
Here are some resources to give you an idea of the different formats that newsletters can take:
Now most importantly don't forget that you don't want to be the same as these newsletters......
You don' t even want to be 'better' than these newsletters.....
Assignment 1 Marking Guide:
(10) Good
(7.5) Fair
(5) Poor
(2.5) No Evidence
Content/Concept (10)
1. clearly outlined the proposed program
2. clear scope of ‘innovative ideas’ requirements
3. marketing goals specifically discussed
Format (10)
1. logical sequence of information
2. appropriate for target audience
3. free of errors
4. medium appropriate for message
Creativity (10)
1. demonstrated significant though, time, and effort
2. clearly showed that idea refinement had taken place
Effectiveness (10)
1. gained attention and compelled participation
2. concepts and content would be effective in achieving desired outcomes
3. concepts reflected sound business theory

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