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FINA6000 Managing Finance
Assignment 1 ( A 2000 word report)
Select one company from the list below and collect information on directors, executive management and auditors from annual reports covering the years 2014, 2015 and 2016. Do not use data from quarterly reports, use full year results. Using this information plus what you obtain from peer reviewed journals and relevant academic material, answer the following questions:
(a) Provide information on the board and management structure and critically comment on these with regards to corporate governance matters. (8 marks)
No of directors: non-executive organizational hierarchy: who reports to whom ?
(b) Critically comment on the:
(i) Independence of the directors of the company chosen (8 marks)
Proportion of independent directors
How are the directors appointed?
How are the remunerated?
(ii) Independence of the auditors of your chosen company (8 marks)
How are the independent directors appointed in audit committee?
Audit committee should appoint the auditors.
The CEO cannot appoint the auditors.
Audit fee?
(iii) Split of position of chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) (8 marks)
Why in the split of the chairman and CEO position important?
Apply to the specific company to determine whether they were split.
Listed on NYSE Listed on NASDAQ
ExxonMobil Magsilver corporation
Acer group Majesco Entertainment
Goodrich Petroleum Family Dollar Stores
ABM Industries
Air Products and Chemicals
Plum Creek Timber Co Inc.
Royal Bank of Canada
TRW Automotive holdings
Tupperware Brands
Extra Storage Space Inc
Hewlett Packard
Kemper Corporation
(c) Choose one corporate scandal that occurred in any one of these countries: USA, Australia, Brazil, India or United Kingdom between 2010 and 2016 and highlight the corporate governance issues regarding the scandal. (8 marks)
Research on the internet on corporate governance scandal
1- Introduction of company’s business background and important of corporate governance
2- Answer the questions
3- Conclusion
4- References
Please make reference to the marking rubric provided as you work on the assignment.