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Advanced Mobile and Wireless Technologies Assessment 2 – Case Study Report
Total Marks: 100 marks Weight: 70% of final grade
Learning Outcome 2:
Analyze the application of mobile strategy applicable to a specific context.
Learning Outcome 3:
Analyze the future of mobile and wireless technology and its impact on different industries. The purpose of this project is to continue to explore a specific mobile and/or wireless technology within a particular context or industry. In this assessment, you will be proposing and researching the development and implementation of a mobile application or system. You are to focus on one industry or organization and investigate and research a novel solution that incorporates some of the technologies you have earlier discussed and researched.
Example projects could include:
? How could RFID be integrated within a Maintenance System for general industry?
? How could AR be used to support teaching at EIT?
? How can location awareness be used within a confined space to support navigation around a campus?
? How can a mobile dashboard be designed to help collect and analyse maintenance data?
? How can the design of a children’s mobile game application be design to support the collaboration, privacy and security of children?
Please note: You may undertake a project for your workplace, however this project must not have any confidentiality issues, and you will need to show approval from your employer to use it in this assessment. You will need to get formal approval of your topic before commencement of your project. The possible scope for this assessment has been left wide to enable you to investigate a topic that interests you or work on creating an artifact.
The report should be between 2500-3000 words excluding references, adopt appropriate APA referencing and academic format and include the following sub topics:
? Detailed background and analysis of your specific company/industry (which could include a formal contextual inquiry or survey)
? Relevant literature review on current research framing your specific design in relation to the mobile technology you have chosen.
? Technical discussion related to the application and implementation of the technology as a solution to a problem
? Researched design and critical evaluation of your solution (based on how well your solution addresses the needs of your users)
? Future research direction and recommendations for future development for the solution you have proposed.
You will also be required to present your main findings in the form of a 15-20 minute presentation. This will include a question and answer session. All students are expected to participate in this session by giving feedback and asking questions of your peers about their presentation.

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