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Due date of this Essay ‘’15/06/2017’’.
The essay assessment component will comprise two typed essays of 1200 words minimum (excluding diagrams and references) that tell me a coherent story ground in scientific fact about any two of the questions/ topics outlined below.
You may discuss any aspect or Emphasis of a topic you consider appropriate in the context of modern biomolecular and genetic science and their application.
Essay topics:
1 How will modern genetic technologies change the face of medicine and healthcare over the next ten years? [ A broad topic the builds on the unit in general]
2. what is the basis for genetic profiling using simple repeat sequences and discuss the application of genetic profiling in law and/ or medicine.
3.Discuss PCR – based technologies and their roles in detecting single gene defects and monitoring disease load.
4. how have retrotransposons contributed to disease in humans? Include a brief description of retrotransposons.
5. How have transposable elements contributed to evolutionary advance in animals and primates? Include a brief description of transposable elements.
6.Contrast the use of transposable elements versus CRISPR as approaches to gene therapy.
7. How do alternate splicing and exon shuffling facilitate evolutionary flexibility through changes to gene/ genome structure and function? You might like to consider the context of evolution of life from single cells to complex highly developed multicellular organisms.
8. what is genomics and how will knowing the sequence of a person’s DNA direct the application of personalised medicine?
9. What is the role of epigenetic modification in regulation of gene expression and in disease state?
10.How sis RNA I used to control gene expression in a cell (general) and treat disease(specific)?
11. why are genetic association studies undertaken and how have they added to strategies to detect disease?
12.The 1997 movies GATTACA has been called prescient. WHY?
13.Discuss the Omics technologies in context of the promise they bring to unravelling altered cell and tissue states?
14. How do mutation in coding sequences disrupt gene function, altar phenotype and cause disease.
Criteria for Essays:
The following criteria apply:
• Most IMPORTANT: tell me a cohesive story rather than regurgitate facts; I am interested in the story. And story tell that you understand what is going on.
• Each essay should be a recommended minimum of 1200 type written words Excluding diagrams. One typewritten A4 page+750-800 words.
• Structure of each essay should include: introduction, text, concluding statement.
• Referencing is to be APA style as per QUT/ write. Reference lists are not included in the word count.
• No more than 3 examples should be cited in any essay.
• Essay must be written in clear English, using correct grammar and punctuation.
• No dot point answers are permitted.
• No PDF documents or hand-written essays will be accepted.
• Marks will be deducted for essays not conforming to the guideline above or if files contain viruses
Process for submission:
• Documents will be checked for word length. Essays failing to reach 1200 words in the body of the text will be marked pro rata.
For example, an essay of 800 words will only be marked out of 17%, not 25%.
• Documents will be assessed for academic dishonesty through safe assign or turnitin. Essays returning a score of 20% or greater as plagiarised will not be assessed. This limit applies to the body of the text only.
Essay need : Introduction
Concluding statement.
*1200 type written words for each essay ,excluding diagrams.
* Tell a coherent story ground in scientific fact about topic.
* use the Microsoft word document.
* No PDF document.
* No dot point.
*Less 15% score as plagiarised .
* Be written in clear English, using correct grammar
N.B = Used the 1st year university student not postgraduate student.

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