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Please find below HI6008 assignment 2 requirement structure.
All HI6008 Students Enrol in the Semester 1/2017 need to follow below Assignment structure:
1. Introduction
2. Project Objective
3. Project Scope
4. Literature Review
(Students’ needs to summarize Assignment 1 literature review (2-3 pages) and do justification from Assignment 1 literature problems, gaps opportunities, Hypothesis)
5. Research Questions/Hypothesis
- Primary Question (only one question)
- Secondary Questions (1, 2 ….)
Research questions should be linked to Literature Problems, Gaps, and Hypothesis
6. Research Design and Methodology
Qualitative research
(Students should propose the Process of the Qualitative Research (Main Steps), Approaches to reliability and Validity, Sampling, Sample Size, Data Collection Method, Variables Specifications)
Quantitative research
(Students should propose the process of the Quantitative Research Design Process (Main Steps), Research Instrument, Quantitative Data Analysis Process, Sampling and Simple Size, Interviewing and Questionary Design, Reliability and Validity of Data)
7. Research Limitations
8. Time Schedule (Research plan)
9. Conclusion
10. Reference List
11. Appendix
NOTE: Students are not with requirements to collect and analyze data
Dear Students;
Please find below list of the potential business research topics that you can focus on when you doing your research topics decisions for your assignments.
1. Challenges of Accounting in Global Organizations
2. Challenges Managing Global Teams
3. Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing for Businesses
4. Opportunities Making Business with Mobile Computing
5. Advantages and Disadvantages of Outsourcing Business Functions
6. Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Social Networks in Business
7. Opportunities and Problems of Social Electronic Commerce
8. Uses of Big Data in Business Organizations
9. Use of Ubiquitous Media Systems in Business Organizations
10. Business Innovation Through Open Data
11. Challenges in Cyber Security for Business

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