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Diploma in Marine Surveying
CASE STUDY for Specialist Module F
International Safety Management (ISM)
a) Describe the importance of the marine surveyor to the ship owner in relation to the ISM audit. (15%).
b) Explain in detail the two levels of non-conformity which may be raised in relation to the ISM code. Explain in detail also the term “observation” in relation to the ISM Code.(15%).
c) Explain the main activities of an ISM audit. Outline how you as a surveyor would assist the ship-owner in preparing for a ship to be visited by ISM Auditors. Concentrate on the documents that you would wish to ensure are onboard and the equipment you would check.(20%).
d) Finally address the following situation (50%):
Your Principal is a Company which has a vessel under detention at the Port of Rotterdam, Netherlands. Date of Detention: 10th March 2016.
You are sent to attend the vessel and assist in having the detention lifted. Upon arrival at the vessel you find that the detention is due to:
Deficiencies raised as Major Non-conformities (MNC) and Non-conformities (NC) against the ISM Code.
MNC 1 Against Section 6.2 – Crew Certification Goanese crewmembers were found on board holding only Indian Certification.
NC 1 Against Section 12.1 – Internal Safety Audits. No objective evidence could be found that non-conformities raised at last Internal Audit (2602-2015) have been dealt with.
NC 2 Against Section 8.1 – Emergency Preparedness. The list of potential emergency shipboard situations and the programme for drills and exercises is not compatible.
Explain how you will carry out this work. In particular explain the key people you will be dealing with and what you will explain to your principals about the tasks that need to be done in order to have the vessel released by Port State Control.
Show a detailed format of a report for your principles using headings and bullet points only, explaining what they should do to avoid similar detentions happening again.
Background information
The vessel is flagged with Liberia
The vessel is classed under LR
The ISM Certification for both DOC and SMC are under DNV The vessel type is a VLCC and built in 1995.
Vessel has been classed with LR since construction
ISM Certification has been with DNV throughout
DOC obtained 28th January 2011
SMC obtained 15th April 2012
NB In your answer please Note the following:- Remember not to exceed the powers that you have.
Be aware of your position and how you handle the various parties involved. Do not become involved in a conflict of interest.
Word count target 3000 words

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