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? Choose and analyse an organisation and their strategic approach to marketing and answer the related marketing areas suggested below.
Offer a very brief overview of your firm and product, include current marketing situation and all its processes and product life cycle in your brief
Offer SWOT analysis to map strengths, take advantage of opportunities or counter threats of your chose organization and the product it markets
Offer analysis of your customer market include position and current segmentation
Using all the material offer a SWOT and choose 2 current marketing problems you have.
Evaluate the marketing strategy of your chosen organization and product is using – is this right for
you (Ansoff's matrix - market penetration, market development, product development,
Using the marketing mix (product, price, place, promotion) identify how you achieve competitive
advantage and solve these issues. Consider new disruptive marketing models and ideas. Offer new marketing objectives and strategies to solve your 2 issues. Be creative! Show logic and flow in your decisions.
7. Conclude with a recommendations for all elements of the strategic marketing process.
It is a narrative report with 1000 words and needs 13 References (harvard style).

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