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You may choose to do one of the following topics, or both. In either case, make sure you clearly indicate what you are doing by saying so in your introduction and by the use of clear headings in your report.
The topics are:
1. Building on the literature review from Assessment Item 1, discuss whether or not the TFV represents a social contract between the accounting profession. Support your position with convincing arguments from the academic literature.
2. Explain the relevance and application of the social contract to Legitimacy Theory in accounting.
If you choose to just one topic, the body of your report will consist of a maximum of 5,000 words on that topic. However, if you choose to do both topics, then each topic has a maximum limit of 2,500 words each and available marks will also be allocated evenly between topics.
Report format
Please set your report out using the following simple report outline.
Synopsis (also known as an Executive Summary)
Use the synopsis to summarise your topic and the key points of what you found about your topic. This should be no more than two paragraphs. Professional writers usually write this last.
This is not the same as a synopsis. An introduction should be a road map to your entire report: what the topic was, where you searched, what you found, what the key points are.
An introduction can take up to half a page. Write this after the literature review and conclusion sections, but before the synopsis.
Make sure that you clearly explain here which topic or topics you have elected to research.
Report body (5,000 words max)
• If you are doing 1 topic, then this is 5,000 words in this section.
• If you are doing 2 topics, then make sure each is clearly indicated with appropriate headings, and each topic must be up to a maximum of 2,500 words.
This wraps up (summarises) the key points of the report. Use this section to conclusively and clearly state from your research of the topic or topics.
Place your references here. I expect quite a few. Each reference listed here must also have a citation within the text of your literature review. The reverse is also true: every citation of a source within your literature review must point to a reference here in your reference list.
The assessment criteria
As you can probably guess, there is no single -correct- answer for this assignment, although there can be many -incorrect- answers. You will be assessed on:
• the quality of your scholarship (research, processing information, and finally the ability to present what your found out in a useful way) (70%)
• the quality of your English expression (15%)
• the quality (readability) of your presentation (15%).
You may use either the Harvard or APA referencing style for this assignment, but you must be consistent and you must reference all sources of your information. A failure to reference properly will attract penalties of up to 5 marks.
Plagiarism or academic misconduct (such as using someone else to write your assignment) will attract worse penalties.

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