Recent Question/Assignment

Assessment Overview:
Let’s get branded. A strong identity is important in a media dense society. People must be able to associate your ID and your product together. Write, present, video, and design a Digital ID. You will also need to evaluate and describe any legal and ethical issues that may impact your Digital ID.
Assignment instructions:
Your objective is to present a clear, concise and powerful online ID. You will need to draw upon your past two assignments and your research to justify and validate your choice of online ID. Your goal is to create an online ID that you can use in the real world tomorrow.
You will be required to provide supporting documentation for your Digital ID:
4. Digital ID research (URBAN BEAUTY JUNKIES website)
4.1. Provide supporting research that informs your choice of digital ID
5. What are the legal and ethical issues?
5.1. How will you protect your ID?
5.2. How will you ensure your ID is ethical?
5.3. How will you act legally and ethically?
Marking criteria:
You will be assessed on the following requirements:
Presentation POWER POINT (up to 6 slides of information not including cover page and references page, MAKE IT INTERESTING) 20%
Supporting documentation (1000 WORDS) 20%
Submission information:
- Your presentation may be video, website, concept, social channel, blog or any other format that supports your research and ID.
- The assessment supporting documentation should be the equivalent of 1000 words in length.
- Electronic assignments can have links to external websites, resources or examples. However, all links must be tested before submitting your assignment.
- Work is to be submitted electronically and each page should be identified with the student’s name and student identification number.
- Cover Page
- Table of content
- References lists (minimum 6 references) and intext references requires