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ASSESSMENT 3 Research Proposal or Action Research Proposal
Due Date Week 13- 2 June 5 pm via Turnitin
Method of Submission
• You can then make any changes that may be required and re-submit you final version by the due date.
• Weighting 35%
• Length 3,000 words
Subject Learning
Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the nature of inquiry and research in educational contexts
Demonstrate knowledge and skills in the design and conduct of educational research and inquiry
For this assignment you have a choice to either write: 1) a research proposal or write 2) an action research proposal.
1) Research proposal
For this assignment, you will write a brief research proposal for a project you would like to carry out (you will not have to actually conduct the study but just write the research proposal). Choose a topic of your interest (topics can include cyberbullying, physical education, reading achievement, adult education etc.).
At the beginning of your proposal provide a brief literature review identifying key findings in the area, leading into a gap in our current understanding that your research studies seek to address (~300 words in length). This should then lead into a research proposal. For this proposal you will need to:
• Articulate and justify a research question (and hypothesis, if appropriate) that addresses the identified gap(s) in knowledge;
• Clearly describe and justify the research design that is best suited to the question;
• Identify the specific methods that will be used to gather data (e.g., participants, methods, data collection instruments/measures, types of data generated) and justify how this complements your research question; and
• Briefly discuss the ethical considerations that are specific to your research study (= 200 words).
For this proposal you are required to use at least 8 scholarly (e.g., credible and reliable) references are expected. Scholarly references DO NOT include websites but refer to research articles published in peer-reviewed journals.
2) The other option is to write an action research proposal you would like to carry out at a school, early childhood centre or other educational setting (you do not have to carry out the action research).
The action research proposal should include the following sections:
1) Problem: the problem statement provides a background to and rationale for the issue you will be researching. Be sure to provide sufficient detail for a reader not familiar with your context ( 300 words).
2) Background literature: this is a review of the literature. It should highlight key empirical findings related to your area.
3) Options for action: based on the literature and conversations with stakeholders, community and peers, identify an options for action. These options should be supported by the literature (e.g., interviewing students and administering a test).
4) Research Question: articulated and justify a research question (and hypothesis, if appropriate) that addresses
5) Method: Explain which research design your research is at least loosely based on (e.g. multiple case study, quasi-experiment). In what ways is it similar and how is it well suited to helping you answer your RQ? You should also provide details regarding the participants and specific data collection procedures that you have planned
6) Ethical considerations: briefly discuss the ethical considerations that are specific to your research study.
Reference list for all books, papers and other materials used as part of your proposal. Minimum of 8 scholarly references.
Assessment Criteria
• Concise overview of the literature with key findings
• Identification of a gap in the literature
• Articulation and justification of a research question
• Description and justification of research design
• Description and explanation of methods used
• Discussion of ethical considerations
• Use of a minimum of 8 scholarly references
• Use of academic language
• Use of APA referencing

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