Recent Question/Assignment

Due date : 26/05/2017
World length :500 words
Your Reading Question:
? From the paper you have selected: ? How could the construct of motivation or engagement in that paper be applied to better understand a specific motivational concern of problem in your school or workplace? Are there any limitations in application of this construct to consider?
Note: Briefly outline the nature of the concern or problem and explain the elements of the theory and construct that you believe apply to and describe the problem. If you believe there are any limitations in how the construct could be applied please state these and defend your position…briefly! 750 words! Think carefully about each sentence!
Suggested readings:
Graham, S. & Weiner, B. (2012). Motivation: past, present, and future. In K. R. Harris, S. Graham, and T. Urdan (Editors-in-Chief). APA Educational Psychology Handbook: Vol. 1. Theories, Constructs, and Critical Issues, (pp. 367-397).
Selected paper for reading question:
Reeve, J., & Lee, W. (2014). Students’ classroom engagement produces longitudinal changes in classroom motivation. Journal of Educational Psychology, 106, 527-540. doi: 10.1037/a0034934