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Assessment Task 2: Individual Written Diary Length: 1000 words Due:
Students are required to report their working schedule and real work diary at the work place. The objective of this task is to help both students and subject coordinator plan the time wisely and better understand how students spend their time in the workplace, in order to evaluate the productiveness and effectiveness of the students at work. Also, students are required to identify the work flow management and operation in the organisation they work for or the process of a work task/project that is fulfilled. For five full days at work, students have to report all five days. Furthermore, information about the host organisation’s work environment, the identity of the business, its major products and target customers is also presented by students as part of this assessment task.
Refrencing : APA
Just letting you know that this assignment is regarding diary i am working in oporto with store manger and he is training all mangerial skills my work schedule is:
7 may:11 am to 7 pm
10 may :4pm-9pm
11 may: 5 pm to 9 pm
14 may: 11am to 7 pm
16 may: 4 pm to 9 pm
18 may: 5pm to 9 pm
21 may: 3pm to 9 pm
oporto link:
refrencing : apa