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Group assignment
• Form a group of four students.
• Choose a product that is not common today but may become mainstream during the coming decade (2017-2026). Assume that your group intends to form a company to develop and commercialise this product.
• Write a report of about 1,500 words, and make a 15-minute PPT-supported presentation, on the following:
• The distinctive features of the product:
• The demographic, geographic, or other important location of your first market, the range of strategies available for accessing this market and the strategy you will actually follow to access the market:
• The funding you will need in the first two years (2017-18), the range of sources of funding and the source(s) you will actually use to raise the funds.
• The assignment carries a total of 30 marks. of which 15 are for the report and 15 are for the presentation.

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