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Research Essays for Organizational Behavior
Research Essay – 30%
Due Date: 12:30 pm (Saturday - 20 May 2017) Length: 1500 words (10% leeway)
All students are required required to develop an arguable proposition on which to write an essay. Your paper should be presented in standard academic essay format. The format must be in 12pt font and 1.5 spaced.
The purpose of this assignment is to develop/improve skills in writing, analysis, and argumentation in addition to adding to the depth of understanding about organizational behavior in the workplace.
You will be assessed on the quality of sources of information, how well you use these resources to support your arguments and your referencing skills. You are expected to use at least TWELVE (12) different peer-reviewed journals. The use of WIKIPEDIA online encyclopedia is not allowed. Use of Wikipedia may result in a fail grade in this essay. You must use the HARVARD referencing system to acknowledge your sources of information (both in-text and as a reference list at the end).
Learning Outcomes Targeted:
Outcome a) Explain how theories of organisational behaviour may be applied in an organisational setting.
Outcome b) Evaluate potential organisational problem situations and formulate proactive managerial interventions, with special sensitivity to cultural, ethical and social concerns.
Outcome c) Locate relevant research and compare and critique the findings on current developments in organisational behaviour
Grading of Assignment
The following criteria will be used to allocate grades for this assignment:
Research Essay Marking Guide: Marks will be awarded as follows: (a detailed marking rubric will be provided via Moodle)
Assessment Criteria (Total 30)
Quantity & depth of literature and other research
How clearly the major relevant OB themes and issues related to the topic are identified
Sound summary, conclusions and recommendations are logically drawn from the literature
The overall structure of the essay: Development of logical and well supported arguments.
Clarity of written work 4
Adherence to presentation standards
Citations & Referencing
Please ensure that you use a critical approach and raise arguments for and against. Your arguments need to be well supported by relevant research (ACADEMIC JOURNALS MAINLY). Please see unit outline for more details.
In the process of recruiting and selecting employees, managers are concerned with the personality of the people they wish to place in positions in the organization. Explain why personality is so important in matching people to jobs. Use theories and concepts from the subjects and examples to illustrate your points.
Have you addressed all the parts of the assignment question?
? Have you cited at least 12 journal articles?
? Are your cited journal articles recent – ideally written in or after 2006?
? Have you provided any logic, justification or evidence (data from the articles) to support the points you have made in your paper?
? Are your paragraphs about 4-6 sentences in length and are clear in containing1-2main points?
? Are there clear transitions from one paragraph to another so there is a logical structure to your document?
? Have you written between 1500 and 1650 words?
? Have you checked in very close detail that you have used Harvard –Anglia referencing style for all occurrences of in-text referencing and for all the citations you have in the reference list?
? Are all the references cited within your essay listed in the reference list?
? Are all the references in the reference list cited within your essay?
? Have you started your reference list on a new page?
? Have you included electronic links (URL addresses) for all your references in the reference list? ? Have you included your student id, name, the subject code and ‘Assessment 3’ in the header of every page of your document?
? Have you included the page number in the footer of every page of your document?
? Have you placed the word count at the top of page 1 of your document?
? Have you completed a final spell-check and reviewed your English structure and expressions?
? Have you used Times New Roman 12-point font?
? Have you used 1.5 line spacing and 2.5 CMS margins?
? Have you saved your file in .doc or .docx format?

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