Recent Question/Assignment

Subject: Marketing Management
Marketing strategy development
Length: 2500 words (includes references)
This length limit includes any text, figures, tables, in-text references, and appendices. This limit does not include the cover page, table of contents, or list of references (at the end of assignment).
Formating: Report and please ensure that the report includes page numbers on each page.
Font size: 11
Paragraph: 1.5”
Font: Times New Roman
Format: Report Format
? Title
? Introduction
? Table of content
? Body (In text citation)
? Conclusion
? Recommendations
? Reference list (Harvard style) (Min 10 references -Soft references and hard references)
Topic: Chose a company which do Market segmentation
Body Requirements:
This assignment requires you to undertake the process of analysing one organisation and its operating environments from a marketing perspective.
You will provide an overview of this organisation, as well as detail the type of orientation towards marketing it takes. You are also required to examine and analyse the context and environments in which this organisation operates (its industry and the macro-environmental forces impacting on the industry).
? PESTEL analysis
? Production concept
? Marketing concept
? Selling concept
Instructions The report must address the following issues: **Please note: It is recommended that you follow the outline presented below and answer each question as it is presented.
Issue 1:
? Provide a brief description of this organisation and the industry to which it belongs.
? Intellectual work
? You may also want to include in this description any mission statements, value statements or ‘slogans’ that this organisation utilizes to communicate its purpose.
? Role of the brand
? In describing this organisation, please also identify its orientation towards marketing and provide relevant, detailed and factual supporting evidence to substantiate why you have identified this specific orientation.
? Finally, include a brief description of the product(s) this organisation offers the market. And comment on what role the brand has in this organisation’s marketing strategy.
? Company, competitors, collaborators, contacts
Issue 2:
Analyse each of the 5Cs for this organisation:
(SWOT analysis)
a. Company – what are the strengths and key resources, what are some of the weaknesses? What are the opportunities and threats?
b. Customers – who is the company serving and what type of behaviour is ‘typical’ from them?
c. Collaborators – describe their suppliers, distributors or other partners that help the company to deliver their products to the market? If company doesn’t have any – explain why it is not necessary.
d. Competitors – who are the current main competitors, are there any potential new threats or new entrants to the marketplace?
e. Context – what other factors affect this organisation (e.g., legal, political, technological, etc.)?