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HI5003 Economics for Business
Tri3 2016
Topics for Group Assignment DUE Week 11

· GDP- Compare Australia with any other economy and discuss their GDP last 2 to 5 years and factors affecting their GDP
· Unemployment – Discuss the unemployment rate, types, issues, and government policy of Australia and comment unemployment in various states of Australia. You need to specify in different region like NSW, WA, Tasmania, Qld or SA.
· Inflation – Compare Australia with any other country from the list which includes Germany, UK, USA,China, India, Japan, Korea, Indonesia and discuss inflation and causes of inflation and the various governments policy on inflation.
· Monetary or Fiscal Policy – Discuss Australia’s Monetary or Fiscal policy during last 3 to 5 years.
· Economic Growth – Compare Australia with any other advanced economy or developing country and discuss their economic growth during last 5 years and its effects on the society. (both positive and negative)
Structure of the Essay

· Introduction – which topic 300 words
· Body- Discuss the topic from your secondary research with some theory -2500 words
· Conclusion 200 words

· Better marks for those groups who have collected and analysed secondary data effectively and applied the various economic theories/models.
· You need articles between 4 to 6 from media (written by Uni Professors, Business leaders, Journalists, Government agencies like RBA/ABS/ACCC, or any other stakeholders in the industry) on your topic to write a decent assignment.
· Some graphs and charts are required to support your analysis.
· You need to give Reference with your assignment. (4 to 6)

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