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Assignment 2017
60% of the total marks for the subject
The workshop for this subject has introduced various tools and models to enable you to apply a systemic thinking approach to your practice. The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your ability to use systems thinking, diagnosis and modelling tools to address issues arising in projects to manage them better.
Apply one or more of the systems methodologies discussed at the block workshop to the analysis of a problem at your workplace (or a workplace you are familiar with), in a project management or business context, and present a way forward to improve the situation. The methodologies used at the workshop are System Dynamics Models, Soft Systems Methodology and Viable Systems Model.
• Provide a brief description of the system/ problem under investigation and the context (max 250 words)
• Describe and analyze the system or problem under investigation, unpacking the dynamics involved, exploring how events are linked and the emergent meanings or themes using diagrams where appropriate (max 1000 words) – 25 marks
• Explain what insights and/or solutions the methodology (ies) provide(s). You may like to ask questions such as – Does the system have a viable continuing role? Is the system capable of adapting to changes? Is the system working as it was intended providing the expected benefits to its stakeholders? (max 750 words) – 20 marks.
• Evaluate the potential of the methodology (ies) used in your work as a project manager
(max 500 words) – 15 marks
• List of references used
Marks will be allocated to reflect
• Rigour demonstrated in the analysis
• Ability to critique the use of systems thinking in practice
• Use of relevant literature with appropriate referencing
• Ability to relate to present or past experience
• Innovative thinking
Formatting protocols:
All papers to be submitted in word (.doc/docx) or rich text (.rtf) format (not pdf).
Submit in the assignment folder on UTS online for the subject.
No hard copies please and keep the graphics simple to reduce file size
Each assignment should include:
• Title page - name and number of subject, your name, student number and submission date
• Numbered pages .e.g.1/16
• Name and number of subject, your name and student number in the footer of every page
• Assignment files must be labelled last_name-first_name- 15336- Autumn- 2011- Assignment 3
• e.g. Smith-Steve-15336-Autumn-2017-Assignment 3
• 11 point Arial or 12 point Times New Roman, leave reasonable margin around sheet (15-25 mm).
• Titles should be of larger font bold; maximum 3 levels of headings.
• All tables and diagrams should be imported into Word 2013/16 format and fit within page and be clear and useful for comprehension.
• Vensim models, if used, can be submitted separately.
Submission date is as per the subject outline.

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