Recent Question/Assignment

You should have read the article by Kennedy, E. et al (2015), -Biomimicry: A Path to Sustainable Innovation-, Design Issues, 31, 3, pp. 66-73.

Write a 200-250 word piece about how this theory can be used to empower designers.
NB. Make sure you introduce and conclude your argument.

Kennedy et al. list 6 “Life’s Principles” that help designers create PSS (Products, Systems and Services) that fit in with what they call the “larger natural system” (p.71).
Find an example - a Product, a System, or a Service (choose an example not covered in either this week’s reading nor the screening, something you have encountered) that embodies some of these Principles.
Answer the following questions about your example:
What “Life’s Principle/s” does the designer/s use?
How does using the Principles make that design Product, System or Service fit in with what they call the “larger natural system” (p.71)
What is your opinion of this strategy of using “Life’s Principles” in becoming a better and more responsible designer? Does following a list of Principles limit the freedom of the designer?
Include an image and list an image caption and the image source directly under the image.
Include a Reference List at the end of your work. It should include the source of your example and the set reading and any other sources you used.