Recent Question/Assignment

Topic: Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) report
Assessment type: Report
Word limit: 2,000 + Tables and Appendices
Due: Week 12 Friday before 11pm
References: Minimum of ten (10) references, five (5) of which must be academic
From international food and wine festivals and art exhibitions to action-packed sports and running marathons, Melbourne hosts many world class mega-events. The creative marketing of these events communicates a message to the rest of the world that reflects a desirable destination image.
The purpose of this report to develop (i.e. create) an Integrated Marketing Communications report to propse a creative marketing strategy for one (1) of the following upcoming Melbourne events:
• VAMMF Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Week 2018
• MFWF Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2018
• Australian Open Tennis 2018
• Melbourne Music Week 2018
To reflect industry practises regarding large-scale team-based projects, the report should be based on feedback and collaboration. During the development of the report, students should collaborate (e.g. brainstorm) with another class member to gain feedback and develop their creative ideas.
The report must include the following key criteria:
1. Introduction (statement of purpose and scope)
2. Conduct a 5Cs Situational Analysis
3. Develop SMART objectives for the future event
4. Develop a Creative Strategy that details the Event Brand Image (e.g. theme and message) and USP (Unique Selling Proposition) by using a Consumer Behaviour Model
5. Provide an overview of a Sponsorship Package
6. Conclusion
7. Appendix: Evidence of collaboration with peers (e.g. meeting minutes or brainstormed concept map)