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School of Medicine
CJA314 Advanced Immunology
CJA514 Advanced Immunology for Masters
Essay 2017
The essay will contribute 10% to the final assessment
Due date Friday 12th May
Prepare an essay on a major discovery in immunology and quote relevant references that led to that “discovery”. Discuss recent advances since the discovery that have led to, for example, better treatment, diagnosis, or understanding of the biology.
Describe the work that led to this discovery, quoting appropriate references from peer reviewed journal articles.
Secondary references are permissible should you choose a topic where the original work is not readily accessible. In this case you must discuss the work appropriately.
A discussion on the significance of their work and how it may have
changed medicine.
Discuss related research performed by others and how this resulted in advances in this field.
1. To give you experience in using library and internet resources to research a topic.
2. To learn about an advance in the field of immunology which has made a lasting impact on how we understand such things as:
protection against infection;
how the immune system can lead to disease;
how immune processes can be harnessed to develop tools and techniques to study biological processes; development of drugs and diagnostics.
3. To help you develop effective scientific written communication skills using formal scientific language.
You are to prepare a 2000–3000 word fully referenced essay on
your designated topic.
You are to prepare a 3000–3500 word fully referenced essay on your designated topic.
Your essay must be referenced correctly using Harvard style.

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