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Assessment #2: Strategic trajectory: Shaping an alternative future
Task Description:
This second assignment is a continuation of the strategic evaluation of the organisation you chose to analyse in Assessment #1. It is to be completed individually.
Succinctly answer three strategic questions:
1. Where could/should the organisation head (Topic 2: Formulating Strategy)
2. How might it get there? (Topic 3: Implementing Strategy)
3. How might the organisation best measure success? (Topic 4: Evaluation and Control)
This is a major piece of assessment due late in the Term. To reduce the risk of writing -off-track-, you are welcome to submit a draft of your work. Your facilitator or Unit Coordinator will not mark this work but will provide constructive comment where necessary to get you back -on-track-. Please allow one week for the feedback.
• Individual preparation and submission (no group work)
• Business Report format
• 3000 words (including appendices)
• APA referencing
• Minimum twelve (12) citations from relevant research journals (not included in the word count)
Weighting: 60%
Assessment Criteria
Assessment criteria:
• Analyse the organisation's underlying business model (5 Marks)
• Articulate the key challenges and strategic issues the organisation is confronting. (5 Marks)
• Apply relevant strategic frameworks to ascertain the current impact of the challenges on the organisation's internal ability to deliver services to its target clients. (10 Marks)
• Project current situation two years ahead if no changes take place. Provide alternative scenarios if key strategic challenges are addressed. (10 Marks)
• Quality of submission (Adheres to Business Report format; Clear flow of ideas; Incorporates at least eight (8) journal papers using APA format; Satisfies word length, written expression, and grammatical standards). (10 Marks)
• Penalties apply for late submission and exceeding word limit.
• Total out of 40 Marks