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FLP2474 Diploma in Marine Surveying
Covering Modules Six and Seven
1 15% In your own words, describe the role of Marine Safety Investigating States with regards to a very serious marine Casualty as defined by the Casualty Investigation Code.
2 15% List five legal rights of the surveyor being interviewed by the Marine Safety Investigating State and explain for each of these, why this is important to both the surveyor and to the Investigation outcome.
3 Select a recent marine system failure that has attracted your Interest. Collect information relating to the failure from different sources such as reports, statements, newspapers, magazines or journals. Include these sources with your answer.
A: 15% Name and draw a systems map to include all of the important components mentioned in the sources. Organise them into environmental factors, wider system factors and the system understudy.
B: 15% Draw a Sequential Fact Diagram (SFD) based on the sources and the system map. Remember to include only those items for which evidence exists.
C: 20% Write a short factual report based on your SFD
4 10% A ship of length 180 m and beam 20 m floats at a mean draught of 8.5 m when in water of density 1.025 tonnes/m3. Assuming her block coefficient is 0.5 and her waterplane coefficient of fineness is 0.6, calculate the ship’s displacement and her approximate draught when it enters water of density
1.010 tonnes/m3. Continued…/
5 10% A ship of 8,000 tonnes floats at a draught of 7 m with a freeboard of 4 m. A uniform weight of 65 tonnes on the deck is 4 m high and it is to be lifted by a crane with its suspension point 12 m above the deck. If the original KB = 4.25 m, KG = 6.75 m and KM = 7.65 m, find the reduction in GM when the crane lifts the weight from the deck.
NOTE: You should aim for 2000 words to complete this assignment.
Please ensure that you use the NKC Diploma Assignment Template found on your course home page and submit via Turnitin
There is no penalty for the late submission of an assignment, provided all assessments are completed by the end of the course. You are recommended to complete each assignment by the suggested deadline date, so the marker can plan their time and return your work as quickly as possible. However, you can submit assignments at any time during the course, but a longer time period may elapse before your marked work is returned.
The suggested deadline for this assignment is:
21st February 2017
For a full list of suggested course deadlines, assessment information and grading details please see your Course Handbook and the Academic Course Handbook. These are both available on the course website.
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