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Diploma in Marine Surveying
CASE STUDY for Specialist Module A
Non-Liquid Cargo Surveys
Your European based company of independent surveyors has been asked to attend a port in Miami, USA for a new customer.
The ship that you are attending has just completed a Trans-Atlantic voyage carrying a Deck cargo of timber from Scandinavia.
The vessel is a small four-hatch geared General Cargo Ship without tween decks, which has a multinational crew. The ship is generally in a visual good state of repair and the deck machinery is working well. The cargo that was stowed on deck, upon the hatch covers, has broken loose and been lost overboard during heavy weather encountered during the Ocean passage.
You are instructed to carry out an investigation into why the cargo was lost and to report on any damage sustained to the vessel.
a) Outline a pre-survey plan including a realistic checklist for the equipment that you think you will need to take with you. (25%).
b) List the surveys and certificates (Class and Statutory) required by a vessel engaged in international voyages and the carriage of timber. In your answer explain the purpose of the Timber Load Line. (25%).
c) Complete a clear and structured report of your investigation stating the important points that you recorded during your inspection. (50%).
Word count target is 3000 words

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