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Write a business report based on the following:
A group of ten hotel chains have decided to merge their business to combat market pressure for low priced hotel accommodation. The new chain called StayTogether has over a thousand hotels from all categories (backpacker, bed & breakfast homes to luxurious suites) around the world. It combats the sale of hotel rooms via popular web sites such as, and so on which reduces their profits and waters down their corporate image. Bookings will be from a single web site only (with a complementary mobile app) and prices are fixed through the year with peak pricing during popular periods.
Senior management has finalised on the following decisions:
1. A customer loyalty scheme called StayTogether Loyalty will reward customers with airport transfers, car parking on site and free nights.
2. If a kitchen and standard restaurant is on site, buffet breakfast and dinner is included in the hotel room price. This is to add to the dollar value earned per guest. Exclusive restaurants on site will charge extra.
3. If travellers arrive by selected airlines, rebates are given. Customers can choose credit for free nights
or meals.
4. A corporate social responsibility programme to allow customers to nominate the charity where
they want the chain to donate to. 1% of their total (billable) expenses will go to this charity.

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