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Individual Assignment
HC2051 Mobile Web Applications Development
Trimester 1 2017
Date Due: Friday Week 8 by 5:00 PM Marks: Weighting 10%
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Individual Assignment Requirement
Part A: Mobile Web Application Evaluation (600 words)
Choose two mobile web applications that are of interest to you. Evaluate them in terms of their design and effectiveness at achieving their particular task.
Produce a brief report documenting your evaluation of the two mobile web applications. The purpose of the report is to provide a critical evaluation of the nominated mobile web applications and to support your observations and recommendations convincingly.
Your answer should include:
1) An overview and description of the nominated mobile web applications.
2) A description of the strengths, weaknesses and gaps of the mobile web applications you have selected.
(6 marks) Part B: Mobile Web Application Evaluation Framework (400 words)
Based on your assessments of the two apps, create a set of criteria which others could use to assess the ‘quality’ of a mobile web application. For each criterion, explain why you have chosen to include this in your evaluation framework.
(4 marks) Present your findings in a brief formal report format.
Format of Report
As a minimum, the report should contain the following:
1) Introduction – Briefly state the purpose and objectives of the report.
2) Discussion – Build your arguments into a cohesive thread (part A)
3) Recommendation – This is the section where you present your recommendations (Part B)
4) Conclusion – Briefly summarise your findings
5) References. (a minimum of 4 references)
Word limit: 1000 words excluding figure captions and references. The document should be submitted online through Blackboard. Please refer to your course website for more detailed instructions.
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