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CSIT814 --- Group Project Report
Each lab class will be divided into workgroups of three (3) to four (4) students. Each group is to become a team to perform a system analysis for the problem outlined. The format of the solution will be explained during subsequent tutorials. In some weeks there will be time allocated in the computer labs for students to meet with their group members to work on the project.
The objective of this assignment is to consolidate learning and understanding of the materials presented within laboratories and lectures into a set of formal documents containing requirements specifications and models.
Overview of the task
You have come up with a detailed systems analysis for a ‘Pothole Management System’. Consider that, your group is a team that is competing for a contract with the NSW Government.
The final outcome of your project is to write an effective systems analysis showing how the system would function and how the client can benefit from your proposed solution.
You will leverage the tools and techniques that you have learnt as a systems analyst to produce an analysis report. While it is important to infer correct understanding and elicitation of requirements and produce the appropriate documentation and modelling, the most important aspect of this assignment is your ability to communicate your ideas effectively and to work together as team.
Teams that are poorly managed will suffer as a result – likewise, individual team members who do not make a valid or proper contribution will be penalized.
Team members are free to decide what role they wish to choose out of the following roles:
? The project/documentation manager
? The project planner
? Analyst(s) (Business/Systems)
After forming your teams, we recommend you set a regular meeting time. There are some very useful tools, such as Google Docs, that allow for collaborative editing of documentation. It is strongly recommend that Visio is used for your requirements specifications and diagrams. At the end of the assessment you are required to complete in a team nomination sheet – so that weighting of your mark is conducted according to your actual contribution.
Project - Pothole management system
You are to develop the system for the user by several groups (stakeholders) to report, track, and aid in the fixing of potholes. You are to model the whole system, the back end system is for councils and roads and maritime services (RMS). It should include
analytics of occurrences, location hotspots (mapping?), and assist in workloads management. It should also include front end systems for the public to interface with and for the contractors to complete and retrieve information and work processes.
Part A – User evaluation report
? Weighting: 10%
? Due: Week 6 (A softcopy needs to be submitted on Friday @9:00am of that week).
The user evaluation report must identify the user groups that are stakeholders of the system, with a ‘Stakeholder Analysis’ performed on the different user groups. A list of interview questions for the different stakeholders also needs to be identified. In this report an initial System Vision Documents, WBS, and Gantt Chart of the systems analysis process must be created.
Part B – Progress check interview
? Weighting: 5%
? Due: Conducted in your enrolled lab (Week 8)
The aim of the progress interview is to ensure that groups are on-track with relation to their project. Questions will be asked of students on their modelling to date. It is expected that groups are able to show their models using MS Visio in the labs. The progress interview should confirm that the progress is being made within the tolerances and provide early warnings of possible problems that may need actions.
Part C – System description and modelling
? Weighting: 10%
? Due: Week 12 (A softcopy needs to be submitted on Friday @9:00am of that week).
This report should include: Project Plan
? Chosen Software Development Methodology
? Justification of Chosen Methodology
? System Scope Document
? Feasibility Study
? Gantt Chart
? System vision documents
Requirements Analysis (with explanations of the
? Use Case Descriptions
? Use Case Diagrams
? Activity Diagrams
? Domain Model Class Diagrams

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