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MKTG602 Assignment 2 – Major Paper
Research, analyze and draw conclusions about a key debate within the international
Marketing academic discipline. The word count is 1,750 words (excluding a Cover Page, Table of Contents, Bibliography, and any appended materials). The Major Paper is worth 30% of the total grade for this unit, and it is to be undertaken in groups of two. When undertaking the assignment please consult the Marking Rubric, located at the back of the Unit Outline
Your Report should be structured as follows:
Cover Page
Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction (50 words)
2.0 Summary of the Key Proposition (200 words)
3.0 Description of Both Sides of the Proposition
3.1 In Support of the Proposition (200 words)
3.2 Refuting the Proposition (200 words)
4.0 Identification of the Underlying Theories (300 words)
5.0 Examples Illustrating the Proposition
5.1 In Support of the Proposition (200 words)
5. 2 Refuting the Proposition (200 words)
6.0 Personal Opinions & Justification (200 words)
7. 0 Conclusions (200 words)
You and your partner should select one of the following key propositions, research the literature on it (academic and non-academic), analyse the findings from the literature (academic and non-academic), think about the proposition yourselves, and draw some evidence based conclusions.
Topic 1
“Stressing country of origin effects in marketing communications has a powerful positive effect on consumer demand for overseas sourced products. On balance consumer’s don’t want ‘local’!”
Topic 2
“Theodore Levitt’s idea of the ‘global village’, consumer convergence in needs, wants, tastes and behaviours (with all that this means for standardisation potential) has not really come true!’
Topic 3
“Free trade agreements do not necessarily open up a world of opportunities for international marketers across the board, and often they may even threaten their domestic operations”
For the submission date and time, the submission place and the associated Learning Outcomes please consult the Unit Outline.