Recent Question/Assignment

Students will carry out their own individual experiment, research or data collection to investigate a science-related topic of their choice.
Students will write a Science Report to explain their findings.
Your report will follow the structure of a Science Report.
Word count: 500 words (+/- 10%)
Submission Details:
• Submit your report to Turnitin via the link at UTS Online.
• Your report is due in Week 10 on the day of your regular FST001 Workshop. There will be time to submit during the workshop.
Although the report is due in Week 10 it is important to start your research or experiment this week. Some experiments require several weeks.
The title should not be too long but it should show what the report is about.
State the aim of your experiment or research. That is, what is your experiment hoping to discover. In this section, you should alsoinclude a summary of the research that scientists have already done about your topic.
Explain how you set up your experiment or how you are carrying out your research. (Use past tense as the experiment or research has already taken place when you write this report.) Include original photographs or a copy of your questionnaire.
What did you find out? (Use past tense as the results have already been collected.) Include original photographs or statistics.
Can you suggest any conclusions from your research. (This section will require past AND present tense in this section.)
All sections of your science report should use passive voice not 'first person' I, we, etc.
Reference List
Use UTS Harvard-style Only include references referred to
and cited in your text.The following is a link to a website on report writing.
The following are examples of ideas for your science report.
You can use one of these examples or you can decide on your own experiment. If you
decide to do your own, make sure you discuss it with your teacher's and get their
approval for that experiment.
You could repeat the M and M experiment and investigate it further.
How does the shape of ears affect hearing?
How much iron is there in commercial breakfast cereals?
How much of what we taste is due to our sense of smell?
What are the requirements for a healthy plant?
How does an earthquake cause liquefaction?
How much skin does a human have?
What is the best windmill design?
What is the role of eggs in cooking?
Was Galileo right about falling objects?
Are use-by dates on food accurate?
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The following websites might give you some ideas. ideas.shtml