Recent Question/Assignment

Question 1 :
Create a Domain Class Diagram or Activity Diagram based on the following narrative. You must use the notation as outlined in the course notes.
• To process the prescription order, Reliable needs to know about the patients, the nursing home, and the nursing-home unit where each patient resides.
• Each nursing home has at least one, but possibly many, units.
• A patient is assigned to a specific unit.
• An order consists of one or more prescriptions, each for one specific drug and for one specific patient.
• An order, therefore, consists of prescriptions for more than one patient.
• Careful tracking and record keeping is obviously crucial.
• Additionally, each patient has many prescriptions.
• One pharmacist fills each order.
Question 2 :
-In business there are only two imperatives doing things right and doing the right thing ….. but of course the two imperatives must be well co-ordinated!-.
Discuss this statement. In your answer describe some techniques that are often proposed to ensure that the right things are done in the right way! In your comments pay particular attention to co-ordination between the two imperatives.
Question 3 :
Consensus building is essentially mediation of a conflict which involves many parties. Delphi is one type of technique to bring about this process. Why would brainstorming or six hats assist this process? Will this help the innovation process?
Question 4 :
It has been said that: -A person with a good memory and who knows a lot of facts is not necessarily good at critical thinking- What is Critical thinking? Explain with examples when to utilise this approach and when not to use it.