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ASSESSMENT 3 In depth reflection - Report
Due Date 30th April 11:59pm
Method of Submission Tumitin
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Weighting 20%
Length 2000 words (12 point Arial Font, Double Spacing)
Subject Learning Outcomes 1. Critically analyse social, economic, cultural and environmental influences on health and health outcomes, including the concepts of gender and ethnicity and their role as determinants of health.
2. Apply sociological theories and perspectives to investigate and critique public health issues.
3. Critique explanations of health inequalities.
4. Reflect critically on current public health practice.
Task Pick a health issue from the following list:
• Diabetes
• Substance misuse
• Teenage pregnancy
• Maternal and infant nutrition
• Obesity
• Sexual health
• Trachoma
• Infectious disease (choose one specific disease)
• Mental health
Examine this issue within the context of two Indigenous populations from two different countries. One population from a developed country and the other from an emerging economy country context. Compare and contrast how the social determinants of health influence this problem in both populations. How have the social determinants been addressed in an intervention aimed at combatting the problem (if any)?
Use the following reference for a starting point in your research: United Nation 2009, The state of the world's Indigenous Peoples, United Nation: New York.
1. Selection and discussion of issues (5%)
Assessment Criteria 2. Discussion of the social determinants (5%)
3. Evidence of research (5%)
4. Presentation and referencing (5%)