Recent Question/Assignment

I. Assessment Summary and Purpose
The case study analysis report is a three part assignment intended to assess students’ ability to identify, understand and apply key management and organisation behaviour concepts in the context of a realistic business case. Students are assigned case studies and expected to identify the problems/issues in their assigned case, analyse the case using the concepts and models discussed in class and recommend relevant and theory-supported solutions.
II. Assessment Weighting and Outcomes:
• Part 1: Draft Individual Report - 10% of total unit grade
• Part 2: Group Report Presentation - 10% of total unit grade
• Part 3: Group Written Report - 15% of total unit grade
• Learning Outcomes: a – d (see unit outline)
III. Submission and Format Requirements:
All report submissions are via file upload using the designated link in the unit page on Moodle. No hard copy or emailed submissions allowed. Group assignments (Part 2 and 3) should be submitted by one member of the group only.
Part 1: Draft Individual Report
• Individual submission. Significant similarity between fellow students is considered academic misconduct.
• Deadline: Session 3.2 (Week 3) before 5:00 PM
• This individual report should address each of the discussion questions in the case study.
• Word Length: Approximately 1000 words
• File format: MS Word or PDF
• Report Format:
o I. Cover Page: Name of Case. Student name and number
o II. Problem/Issue Identification (approximately 150 words)
o III. Answer discussion guide questions (approximately 850 words)
Part 2: Group Report Presentation
• Group Presentation (3 to 4 students in a group)
• Deadline: PowerPoint file submission 8 a.m. on the day of Session 4.2.
• 10 minute In-class group presentations held during weeks 4 and 5. Longer presentations will incur a penalty deduction for every minute over 10 minutes.
• In-class presentations begin during session 4.2. Group presentation order will be selected at random.
• Presentation File Format submitted into Moodle: .pptx (PowerPoint)
• Presentation Format: (approximately 1 or 2 slides per student)
o Slide 1: Cover Slide with Case Title and student names
o Slide 2: Short summary of the case
o Slide 3: Problems/issues
o Slide 4: Analysis: Discussion Question Answers
o Slide 5: Analysis: Discussion Question Answers (continued)
o Slide 6: Recommendations
o Slide 7: Recommendations (2nd slide if needed).
Part 3: Group Written Report
• Group Submission (same members in Part 2)
• Deadline: Friday 6pm of Week 6.
• Word Length: Approximately 2000 words
• File format: MS Word or PDF
• Report Format:
o Cover Page (Title of the case study and student names/numbers)
o Executive summary (must indicate the important points of entire report – approximately half a page in length)
o Table of contents
o Introduction (summary of key facts of the case)
o Problem and Issue identification (must discuss the root causes)
o Analysis /evaluation (Support your arguments with relevant theories from the lectures. Use discussion questions as guide)
o Recommendations – (Theoretically supported solutions to the case problems)
o Reference List - (Harvard Referencing Style) Use in-text citations and referencing using the Harvard referencing system
• Use at least 2 to 3 more credible references aside from the textbook. (refer to ProQuest /Ebsco/ ebrary that are accessible via Moodle)
IV. Important Assessment Details
• For all assignment parts, your analysis and recommendations must be justified and supported using organisational behaviour theories, concepts or models.
• Your main reference to support your assignment (especially Parts 1 and 2) should be your prescribed textbook.
• All group members are expected to have a proper exchange of ideas through group discussion before the presentation and report submission (Parts 2 and 3).
• All members must be able to answer questions about the entire presentation, not just their individual slides.
• Members to be marked individually according to presentation performance
• Students are required to attend all presentations in order to provide a written peer review of their fellow student group presentations.
• No marks for presentation will be given to students who do not attend their presentations.
Other important reminders:
• Sharing or borrowing report submissions to students outside of your group is considered serious academic misconduct which can lead to failure of the assignment or the entire unit.
• Lecturers may require students to explain their case study report in a separate meeting
• All submissions are coursed through Turnitin, a service that checks for originality of assignments. Students are encouraged to submit their work before the deadline in order to check for and avoid similarities.
V. Marking Criteria
Your assignment will be marked and assessed based on the following criteria (Detailed Rubric can be viewed on Moodle):
Part 1: Draft Individual Report (10% of unit grade)
• Your understanding of the case issues/problem(s) (30%)
• Quality of your answers to the discussion questions and how you link aspects of organisational behaviour to the case issues. (50%)
• Coherence –how clearly you express your ideas. (20%)
Part 2: Group Report Presentation (10% of unit grade)
• Quality of analysis (Group mark: 30%)
• Clarity of Presentation (Individual Mark: 20%)
• Understanding of Case and Q&A Ability (Individual Mark: 30%)
• Engaging and Professional Presentation (Group Mark: 20%)
Part 3: Group Written Report (20% of unit grade)
• Your understanding of the case issues/problem(s) (20%)
• Quality of the research undertaken (20%)
• Quality of the analysis and recommendations (30%)
• Coherence and consistency – how well your argument holds together. (15%)
• Professional formatting, spelling, grammar, referencing format. (15%)